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bob snider

" the true epicenter of Irish traditional music."
"One of Ireland’s finest box players."
Penguin Review
"His accordion playing is magical."


BY HECK (2006)

1. The Cuckoo's Nest
2. Kimmel's
3. By Heck
4. Dimming Of The Day
5. Cormier's
6. McGurn's
7. McReels
8. Garden Valley
9. The Poor Oul' Creathers
10. Ar Bhóithrín na Smaointe
11. Nothing Better To Do
12. 'P' Stands For Patty
13. O'Keeffe's Rattling Shanks
14. Last Orders


Irish button accordion wizard David Munnelly brings new excitement and depth to traditional music while drawing on past masters including the Roaring Twenties’ Flanagan Brothersfor inspiration. The David Munnelly Band has exploded onto the scene with hit albums in Europe and Japan and a full tour schedule. With their unique West Mayo style of playing – a wilder, freer, style of performing Irish traditional music evocative of the rugged, natural beauty of Ireland’s famously beautiful west coast, David Munnelly and his band are making waves on both sides of the Atlantic.

David Munnelly has toured and performed with legendary Irish groups The Chieftainsand DeDannan, and composed and recorded the original soundtrack for an Irish TV documentary “Solas sa nDorchadasm,” for which he received the Irish Music 2003 Composer of the Year award.