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"One of the year's most unusual and beautiful collections of folk music." Dan Aquilante - NEW YORK POST

"Such upbeat jigs are enjoyable no matter what language you speak." WASHINGTON POST

"...A wonderful little gem." Marty Lipp - NEWARK STAR-LEDGER

“Genticorum makes a very full and glorious noise, both instrumentally and vocally… This is a band that’s going to go places.”



1 La grondeuse opossum (4:04)[listen]
2 La Bibournoise (4:34)[listen]
3 Le vingt d’avril (4:38)[listen]
4 Le Brandy Culotté (5:52) [listen]
5 Le moine blanc (4:01) [buy] [listen]
6 Hommage à André Alain (7:41)[listen]
7 Les Remon (4:39)[listen]
8 J’y vas mon train (4:15)[listen]
9 Pinson et Cendrouille (4:04)[listen]
10 Valse Beaulieu (4:08)[listen]
11 Les culottes de v’lour (5:14) [listen]
12 Le pommeau (4:18)


Genticorum has become one of the most sought after proponents of Québécois music, having performed and toured in over 15 countries in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Firmly rooted in the soil of their native land, the energetic and original traditional ‘power trio’ also incorporates the dynamism of today’s North American and European folk cultures in their music. They weave precise and intricate fiddle and flute work, gorgeous vocal harmonies, energetic foot percussion and guitar and bass accompaniment into a big and jubilant musical feast. Their distinctive sound, sense of humour and stage presence make them a supreme crowd pleaser.

Their brand new album, “La Bibournoise” is already garnering critical acclaim. It builds on Genticorum’s trademark sound, combining rollicking interpretations of traditional Quebecois folk songs with a collection of original instrumentals written in the traditional style. Energetic and folky at the same time, excellent in harmonized song as in the most frenzied rhythms; sometimes it’s hard to believe there are just three band-members!