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"One of the year's most unusual and beautiful collections of folk music." Dan Aquilante - NEW YORK POST

"Such upbeat jigs are enjoyable no matter what language you speak." WASHINGTON POST

"...A wonderful little gem." Marty Lipp - NEWARK STAR-LEDGER

“Genticorum makes a very full and glorious noise, both instrumentally and vocally… This is a band that’s going to go places.”




1. Tout le long du voyage Reel Inutile
2. Turlutte hirsute
3. Nagez Rameurs
4. Les Menteries
5. Galope Doux Bedon
6. Reel circulaire
7. Grand voyageur sur la drave
8. Valse des poêles
9. Quand chus parti du Canada Grand Reel Raccourci
10. Violon Guérisseur
11. Canot d'écorce

Three young musicians with deep ties to Quebecois music sail to Borneo and Egypt. As they travel, they tell wild stories of shrinking skirts and noble cats. They sing forgotten songs of old New France, of its log drives and lost rivers. They play dance numbers with their tongues and feet, and unwind trippy reels.
A tall tale come true, Genticorum navigate the silly and somber moods of North American Francophone tradition on Nagez Rameurs ("Pull Together, Paddlers!) Firmly rooted in family and regional traditions, the trio's wit, rich vocal arrangements, and masterful musicianship turn old songs about traveling into catchy and moving glimpses of a quirky new world.

To tell these uniquely New World stories, Genticorum turns not only to Quebec's traditional amalgam of French, Scottish, and Irish sounds-Old World songs, reels, mouth music, and foot percussion-but seek inspiration from new sources. The trio draws on everything from Norwegian folk music to Kraftwerk.

There has been a strong Celtic influence on Quebecois bands for a while, explains guitarist and singer Yann Falquet, "But we younger musicians are drawing on all sorts of things, especially the newer roots music from Scandinavia. Not necessarily in the neo-traditional way, either. We don't add percussion or electronics, we just try to take a really fresh, passionate look at the old tunes."

Even at their silliest moments and on their wildest adventures, Genticorum maintain their powerful ties to their musical families and regional roots, hanging out with traditional songkeepers and storytellers, jamming at folk music sessions, and digging in archival collections for intriguing new pieces. "We are within a certain tradition and play with a certain esthetic, without really radical changes," states Falquet, "And people are able to enjoy it for what it is, whether they are Scottish folkies or Malaysian teenagers