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"La Musgaña's folk music of Spain is as old as the troubadors and as young as the electric guitar…fruited with exquisite melodies, freighted with melancholy and frenzied with irresistible rhythms."
Kevin R. Convey, Boston Herald

"A real thrill of discovery," says SingOut Magazine of La Musgaña and Temas Profanos ("Themes Profane"). "You can hear not only Spain, but much of the Mediterranean and North Africa in the melodies and especially the rhythms, that percolate beautifully."
Sing Out

more music by this artist


TWENTY (2007)

1. Seguidillas del Diablo Cojuelo [ listen ]
2. Rosea Habas[ listen ]
3. Agarrao Antigua [ listen ]
4. Truvisqueira
5. Lubican
6. Pasodoble Portugues [ listen ]
7. El Mirlo
8. Aire Religioso
9. Charro salmantino a trio
10. Sieta por ocho
11. Jotas
12. Danzas de Burgos
13. Charrada del Tio Frejon
14. Chane
15. Espejo, sol y luna
16. Danzantantes


La Musgaña plays the sinuous, syncopated traditional music of Central Spain, where Moroccans and Celts, Europeans and Africans have all left their mark. Performed on traditional instruments -- bagpipes, wooden flutes, hurdy-gurdy, and contemporary -- fiddle, guitar, accordion, their music is a soundtrack to both daily life and to life-changing events: dance tunes and love songs, ritual music and village celebrations, lullabies and even a rain prayer.

Based in Madrid and together for twenty years, La Musgaña ("the water rat") features original members Jaime Muñoz and Carlos Beceiro, plus two younger musicians -- Jorge Arribas on accordion and Diego Galáz on violin. It is the passion of their performances, their flair for fun, and their commitment to excellence that makes a La Musgaña performance exhilarating.